Myogadani Campus:

Miyamoto Building 1F
5-36-2 Koishikawa
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm


Komagome Campus:

4-4-2 Honkomagome
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm

From our Principal...
Thank you for visiting our webpage!



My name is Greg Selfe, Principal of Hello Kids International School. We are a thematic-based school located directly in front of Hisakata Park. In fact, after entering into this park you can see our beautiful school located on its East side!
I have been working with children for over 12 years now and find their personalities, interests and ambitions to be incredibly unique and special. I have created our different class programs, as well as conduct every special event with one simple goal and that is to nurture and encourage our students, to help direct there ambition and talent, to help them become their very best.
This website is full of information with regard to our teaching philosophy, curriculums, excellent team of dedicated teachers and special events that all help to drive our school-quality, I really hope you find it useful and engaging!
I hope to have the opportunity to meet you either at school or at one of our special excursions or community volunteering events that take place yearly!


From January 2019 we will be opening our second school here in Bunkyo! Located very close to Dozaka park in Honkomagome, we are incredibly excited to begin to provide the same high-quality, specialized teaching environment that has helped to create our reputation in Myogadani since 2009! Please read through our website to learn more about our teaching philososphy, curriculum, teachers and special events that all tie in together to help make our school not only a fun environment but a place where every child can grow and flourish into successful, aware and responsible international students :)
Thank you, really hope to see you soon!
Yours truly,
Greg Selfe

Our Facebook page is amazing and full of videos and pictures! Please take a look! ( The Hello Kids Facebook page )

Please also click the link to read a very interesting article on Greg Selfe, our Principal! ( Article )


6/17/2019 news: Our new School Bus!

Hello everyone!

Well. It has finally arrived and we wanted to show you the first pictures of our new school bus, to be received mid-July! 
It is amazing, not only for its design and customized school bus seats with ample leg room but more importantly the different things we can do with it to give your child(ren) the best possible experience with us. 
We are a thematic based school, and each day that we focus on experiencing and learning our themes, we will now be able to add in shorter and longer excursions to truly help with students’ understanding! 

As a teacher for the past 12 years, and although our current curriculum and lessons are always amazing and delivered with passion by incredibly skilled teachers, I have felt limited at times with what actual off-site experiences we can combine to help with the inspired learning process. 

All of that is about to change! 

From one-of-a-kind excursions, to exciting pickups and drop offs that will include games on the bus, songs and other drills to warm up (or cool down) students to/from their pickup/drop off points, it’s a new evolution in our school’s’ future!

The pick up and drop off schedule (weekdays: 400yen one-way, 800yen round trip), list of upcoming excursions (no extra fees for the bus on excursion days) and more will be updated regularly going forward!