Myogadani Campus:

Miyamoto Building 1F
5-36-2 Koishikawa
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm


Komagome Campus:

4-4-2 Honkomagome
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm

Each day is full of living skills, social skills, fine and gross motor skills advancements as well as imagination use and independent and leadership time (in all classes). This combination really makes each day a very important and special day for every student of Hello Kids International School.
Exact times are subject to change based on special projects or crafts, excursions, or the weather. Thank you for your understanding.

Morning class

 8:30am  Early bird arrival
 9am  Early arrival
 10am  Morning class start time
 10-10:30am  Free play time and warm up time (daily theme soft introduction)
 10:30-10:45am  Circle time (daily theme introduction)
 10:45-11am  Song time (special theme songs and monthly songs)
 11-11:20am  Worksheet time, fine motor skills improvements
 11:20-12pm  Park time, or journey time around the neighborhood
 12-1pm  Lunch time, living skills review and daily theme review time
 1-1:30pm  Quiet/story time, some students nap at this time
 1:30-2pm  Craft time, daily theme based craft, cutting, gluing, painting time
 2-2:30pm  Snack time then final craft presentation and story time
 2:30pm  Morning class home time

Afternoon class

 3pm  Afternoon class arrival time
 3-3:20pm  Warm up and daily theme soft introduction time
 3:20-3:45pm  Circle time and daily theme introduction time
 3:45-4:15pm  Park time, daily theme listening skills practice and team play time
 4:20-4:35pm  Snack time, snack leader and living skills review
 4:40-4:50pm  Story time, short sentence reading practice
 4:50-5:10pm  Daily theme review time, whiteboard practice, special activity
 5:10-5:30pm  Worksheet time, fine motor skills review, word building and sentence building
 5:30-5:50pm  Craft time, instructions, listening skills, cutting, reading and alphabet recognition
 5:50-6pm  Presentation time, group leader, awards and honors
 6pm  Afternoon class home time
 6:45pm  Late departure students' home time

This encompasses a day at school. Please contact our school for more details at any time.