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2019.06.11 Lunch/Bus Service now available!

Hello everyone!

HK lunch service!

We are incredibly excited to announce that on every weekday, our HK Lunch Service is now available! For 500yen you can now pre-order your lunch with us!

If possible, we still recommend bringing a lunch-made-with-love on occasion, but please feel free to utilize this service as well - a great addition to our growing list of services! This newest service, in combination with a one of a kind curriculum delivered daily with love and passion truly helps to make Hello Kids International School a school you should consider for your child`s development!

Our website and Facebook page are filled with more information about us, please take a look!

Thank you  

hk bus service

Hello everyone!

Our new School Bus is amazing, not only for its design and customized school bus seats with ample leg room but more importantly the different things we can do with it to give your child(ren) the best possible experience with us. 
We are a thematic based school, and each day that we focus on experiencing and learning our themes, we will now be able to add in shorter and longer excursions to truly help with students’ understanding! 

As a teacher for the past 12 years, and although our current curriculum and lessons are always amazing and delivered with passion by incredibly skilled teachers, I have felt limited at times with what actual off-site experiences we can combine to help with the inspired learning process. 

All of that is changing!

From one-of-a-kind excursions, to exciting pickups and drop offs that will include games on the bus, songs and other drills to warm up (or cool down) students to/from their pickup/drop off points, it’s a new evolution in our school’s’ future!

The pick up and drop off schedule (weekdays: 400yen one-way, 800yen round trip), list of upcoming excursions (no extra fees for the bus on excursion days) and more will be updated regularly going forward!

What's New