Myogadani Campus:

Miyamoto Building 1F
5-36-2 Koishikawa
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm


Komagome Campus:

4-4-2 Honkomagome
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 5842-5811
Fax: (03) 5842-5812

Sat: 8:00am-1:30pm

We pride ourselves on creating many unique and memorable moments here at Hello Kids International School, both in Japan and internationally, as a means of allowing our students the opportunities to expand and explore their English vocabulary and communication style as well as their overall life experiences. 
Our programs are created with care and love, for students of a basic level through fluent levels to further strengthen their interest and passion in English, in very fun and imaginative ways :)
We offer many opportunities each year from student-only excursions to family events, please take a look!



Canada! (British Columbia, Canada)

8 day journey to Canada 
August, yearly 
This is an 8 day trip to Victoria and Vancouver, Canada. We hike, climb, canoe, swim, make friends, go horseback riding and so much more! As Greg was born in Victoria, Canada, it presents a wonderful opportunity for your son or daughter to travel to a foreign country, make new friends and gain further independence in a safe way. Through a lasting connection with Camp Pringle, a summer camp established since 1950, students can share time with dozens of other Canadian students and practice their English in a supportive environment. Please ask us for more information.






Summer camp

10-12 day daily program (10am-3pm) 
End of July to the beginning of August, yearly 
This program is based on exercise, water play, friendship making, craft and many new games daily. If you ever wonder what our normal school is like, or want to experience English in a very fun, play-oriented way, our summer camp program is a great choice. You can attend one day, or every day, you can decide.




Special Music Concert  

As part of our goal to positively affect children of all ages in our community, we offer a family-oriented Music Concert once in a while. To date, we have held 2 music concerts at Bunkyo Academy`s Sho Hall with 300+ families attending each time. Eric from Eigo de Asobo was our special guest and both events held in 2011 and 2014 which proved to satisfy our goals perfectly - fun and family with music!




Overnight stay at Hello Kids

This is a wonderful opportunity to build further independence and English vocabulary in an environment unlike daily classes. We use our telescope to view the moon at night, share bedtime stories and wake to breakfast and a mini-sports day before going home at 8am the next day.




Snow Day!

Snow play, family fun and many types of games make this a day you won't soon forget! We leave and return to Hello Kids International School, Tokyo campus by private bus, singing all along the way. Our snow man building competition and treasure hunt have become very popular amongst both parents and students! And of course, marshmallow roasting! :)




Mothers farm Chiba 
Day trip to Mothers farm

Spend the day learning about farm animals, their habitat and their daily life. A truly amazing experience for any child! And of course, as we are an immersion-based school, the entire day from games, songs, Mothers Farm activities and craft are all centered on one theme.



Potato Digging day!

Join us in this traditional Japanese event! Annual potato digging has become a tradition since it first began, to stave off starvation over 400years ago. We create an entire day of intuitive games, interaction and hands-on activities making this day a wonderful memory you won't soon forget!



These are a list of some of the major special programs we offer throughout the year, but as our school practices both Japanese and Western culture each month, there are many other types of events such as Star Festival, Easter, Children's Day, Christmas and Halloween we also incorporate to enrich our students' overall awareness - to name a few :)